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Born Keone Markeye Reed on January 18, 1992, K-Quick is a rapper, singer, and song writer from Maryland. He has performed for thousands of people at the Bridge Stone arena in Nashville Tennessee, and has performed in concerts with artists such as twisted insane and Mick Jenkins. He has collaborated with artists such as A.K. of Do or Die , Chris Rivers and Emilio Rojas. He has been featured in WWS magazine,, and the documentary “Headed to the Top Vol.3 Maryland to New York”. Born in Washington DC and raised in Prince Georges County Maryland, K-Quick has been influenced by music throughout his entire life. He grew up listening to R&B, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, and Gospel along with many other genres.  He takes the inspiration he gets from these genres and incorporates them into his music, making him a very diverse artist. He began writing at the age of 7 and sharpening his free-style skills by age 11 by participating in rap battles which he continues to do till this day. K-Quick writes about his life experiences and brings forth his true feelings and emotions through his music.

K-Quick uses his love for writing to express his happiness and praise; but also exposes his pain, anger, hardships and struggles as well. K-Quick’s goal is to spread knowledge and strength among people. Since the summer of 2013 K-Quick has united with artists who share the same goal to create an alliance called Beats Bars and Faith or B.B.F.

To further accomplish his goal, K-Quick works with a non-profit organization called the Steamers Organization which helps promote knowledge among children. K-Quick can also be heard on the sound track for the organization’s children’s book entitled “De-Bug Your Attitude”. He is also the voice of the book’s main character, Andy the Ant. K-Quick lives and breathes music, and will continue to fulfill his passion for years to come.

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